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A project that started like a dream

The Brothers Waldo and Wander Pérez, thanks to their passion for racing cars, acquire their first CRX model racing vehicle in 2003 and start running on the streets and months later at a professional level. The Perez Team as they call themselves, in the second event in which they participate they win their first Career Level with only 16 and 17 years old. 2004 they returned to compete after a preparation of a year to win to some of the biggest competitors of the Dragueo and current Champion of that year, being these the winners of the competition, snatching the title to this. From there, they are just triumphs and a career full of blessings and successes for these brothers. At the beginning of 2008 they started importing parts of racing vehicles, a business that seemed profitable and allowed them to import the parts of their own vehicles at a low cost. At the end of that same year the virtual store was born and they dedicate themselves in this way to carry out the commercialization of the parts of racing vehicles. Time later, Waldo goes to study with a half scholarship to Italy, high precision mechanics and returns in 2010 with new projects, and not only open a shop of parts of professional racing vehicles if not in conjunction with a workshop of high precision. What started as a fun for some young people for the satisfaction of feeling the adrenaline when running, with 9 years of professional career in the world of dredging became what is now Peréz Drag Shop & Mechanic. All the parts that are mentioned are totally Custom parts, (made to measure for high performance engines in races), which are not sold in traditional spare parts.


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