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Skunk2’s all-new H2K Intake Manifold Adapter now offers H-series enthusiasts even more flexibility. Thanks to Skunk2’s 6061-T6 billet aluminum manifold adapter, any K Series intake manifold, including individual throttle bodies as well as Skunk2’s '06-'11 Civic Si (RBC Pattern) Pro Series manifold, can be bolted onto any H22A cylinder head. K-series intake manifolds feature shorter runners and larger plenums when compared to H-series manifolds, yielding better performance as well as increased hood and firewall clearance.


H2K Intake Manifold Adapters fit seamlessly in between the manifold and cylinder head for a factory-like look. Each unique, CNC-machined and hard-anodized intake manifold adapter features recessed holes for easy adaptation. All necessary mounting hardware is included with each adapter, making for an easy installation. Skunk2’s H2K Intake Manifold Adapters are designed to work with all K Series intake manifolds in most vehicles with most engine mount kits.

Intake Manifold Adapter - H22 Flange to RBC Pattern

SKU: 307-05-0305
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